Transformational Leadership And Its Impact On The Organization 's Potential

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Leadership can be defined as the action of influencing and guiding individuals and organizations. Good leadership can be accomplished through a variety of techniques and styles. Transformational leadership seeks to change and engage followers and the organization by creating a compelling vision, strategy, and culture. Ultimately a “transformational leader motivates followers to achieve their potential and the organization’s potential” (Weiss, 2015). Throughout history great leaders have helped shape culture (locally and globally). One of the most influential people of all time is Walter Disney. Primarily known for his animation and theme park, Disney also possessed many attributes of a great leader. Disney’s ability to articulate vision,…show more content…
After successfully acquiring sponsors for his Autopia attraction, a board member approached Disney, shook his hand and said “I have a question, what did we just buy?” (Bradt, 2015). The board member was more entranced by Disney’s charisma and enthusiasm than the idea he was actually pitching. The ability to communicate his vision was just the beginning of Walt Disney’s leadership characteristics. Simply stating ones vision is not enough, you must motivate your followers to reach goals, and Disney was an excellent motivator. One tactic he used to motivate employees was encouraging innovation and rewarding good ideas. In pursuit of additional funding to create new films, Disney reached out to his employees on possible ways to obtain funding from Disneyland. A team of seven people decided to increase revenue they would open the park on weekdays and allow corporate members to offer discounted tickets for their employees. Overall, their plan was a huge success. To reward his employees for their success, on Christmas day each employee opened their door to find Mickey Mouse standing there with an envelope. Inside it were 100 shares of Disney stock, 25 $1,000 bills and a hand-written note from Walt: “It’s fantastic. You’re fantastic. Do it again” (Bradt, 2015). Walt Disney was not strictly in the market for selling ideas and products. A former employee of Disney’s once stated “Walt had the ability to inspire us by selling us on ourselves” (Pahl
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