Transformational Leadership And The Warrior Ethos Essay

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Introduction Leadership is the ability to get more from personnel and resources than the science of math supports. With that in mind, it is imperative that leaders, at all levels, find the tools to engage what is sometimes referred to, in my circle of colleagues, as the 3M generation (me, money, and medals), and more precisely the ‘me’, in order to meet the requirements of the military today and to propel it into the future. It is on this premise that I intend to put forth an argument that supports transformational leadership as the style of choice. In the following dissertation I will deliver my concept that mastering transformational leadership techniques is vital in motivating our soldier’s through inspiring their intrinsic motivational triggers. An overview of several articles covering debating transformational leadership and the warrior ethos will be the precursor to the main point of argument followed by my conclusion and final thoughts. Development Transformation leadership: not for the warrior discusses that the two concepts, transformational leadership and warrior ethic, are unable to coexist. It deliberates on three fundamental differences between the two concepts; change vs status quo, individual empowerment vs conformity/subordination and follower development vs absolute control. Finally it examines four transformational factors, using examples of warrior leaders results, and concludes that in order to ensure combat/mission success, absolute control must

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