Transformational Leadership And Transformational Leaders

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Introduction and Background
Innovation is a fundamental activity of organizations that is necessary for their growth and existence. Some argue that innovation has not occurred until the change associated with the innovation has been adopted. There is little disagreement that change is often more successful when transformational leaders are involved. This leads to the question of the current study: “What does the literature have to say about adoption of the innovation and transformational leadership?” The purpose of the current study is to conduct a rapid assessment of the innovation literature to explore the extent to which transformational leadership influences diffusion and adoption of innovation and to provide several topics for future research.
The transformational school of leadership was discussed in detail by Burns in his seminal work on leadership (1978). He defines two leadership styles, transactional and transformational leaders. The former, more directive style maintains a relationship with the follower with the purpose of exchanging items of value. The latter style involves a greater involvement and communication exchanges between the leaders and follower.
This study is outlined as follows. The process to both selecting the articles in the study and to analyze the evidence is first discussed. A brief overview of the analysis and discussion of the findings is then provided; followed by a short conclusion.
This rapid systematic review (Gough,
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