Transformational Leadership As A Successful Manager

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that transformational leadership behaviors predict effectiveness controlling for transactional leadership, but the reverse is not true" (Judge & Bono, 2000, p. 752). Transformational leadership should be something that is expected within the corporate industry, but mandatory in managing leadership. Rationale Chosen Theory Selection The chosen articles created a more realistic image of what is expected within the corporate world when attempting to intertwine personality traits and professionalism. The selected article "Can a Successful Salesperson Become A Successful Manager", create an avenue of understanding of the commands of one position vs. another. The beauty of this article was the…show more content…
Personality is often an are many try to disguise due to the strenuous demands of society, by challenging others to pursue personality traits that mold with the current environment instead of self-identity. Te foundation of personality is not intended to be intimidating or demanding, it should be viewed as a way to express self-belief without being discriminated against. In order to accept and own one 's personality traits, one must first exercise leadership within the corporate sector, this can be easily done by partaking in professional leadership coaching session. This will demonstrate support, and understanding within the organization, showing the employees he/she is a great asset to the organization. The chosen theory would allow the coaching session to be broken up in to levels of the five-factor theory, allowing the employee to discuss his/her mental take on self position at the time and of the lowest to highest level. Therefore, becoming more willing to act one 's true-self, as well as, possibly using the theory to create a predictive outcome within the cooperation. The chosen theory represents, honesty, loyalty, acceptance, and acknowledgement, therefore making it productive not only for coaches but clients/employer as well. Application of Theory 5pgs The five factor model allows one to evaluate his/her chosen stages of traits, in order to gain a better understanding of one 's traits, patterns and behaviors that make him/her
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