Transformational Leadership At The United States

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Transformational Leadership in Nursing Healthcare in the United States is going through rapid changes, including how it is most effectively run. Whether people agree or not, healthcare is very much a business in this county, with organizations in a position to have to market and entice patients to choose their services. Like any successful business, healthcare corporations need empowered and motivated nurses to lead these ongoing changes (Crowley, 2011). So how do effective nursing leaders change with the times, all while still providing compassionate and competent care to patients and their staff? The answer lies in the implementation of transformational leadership (Smith, 2011). Changing Leadership Practices Effective leadership is the cornerstone in enhancing organizational performance (Riaz & Haider, 2010). However, traditional leadership practices, originally developed in age of the industrial era are now considered to be archaic (Crowley, 2011). Nowadays, working is more than just a means to an end. The outdated practice of solely rewarding people via economic compensation, is no longer a driving force for putting in hours. Instead, people want to feel as though they and their work truly matter (Crowley, 2011). Transformational leadership, originally developed by James McGregor Burns in 1978, emphasizes the need for leaders to be visionaries and empower employees, while also identifying and implementing common organizational values (Marquis & Huston, 2015). When
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