Transformational Leadership

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Answer 1 Transformational Leadership revolves around democratic management style where a leader initiates motivational strategies that have immense implications on the performance and behaviours of the subordinates. A transformational leader is a proactive, risk taking person who has the ability to inspire his or her subordinates to take up challenges and move forward thus increasing their productive efficiency. Thus, a transformational leader emerges as a role model for his subordinates by practically practicing what he expects from his subordinates. I worked in an organization where the employees were not giving their full potential as they became demotivated under a highly autocratic manager who later left the organization. The new manager was more democratic and adhered to a transformational leadership style. He adopted the Management By Objectives approach and showed confidence in his subordinates by delegating greater authorities to lower levels. This approach showed remarkable improvement in the productive efficiency of the subordinates (Rowe & Nejad, 2009). Answer 2 Major transnational companies such as General Motors and British Airways recruited and encouraged charismatic leaders to boost their marketing aspect of the business. According to the article it is argued that Charismatic leaders for the marketing departments of these companies have proved to be inspirational for the subordinates and have helped generate a great degree of innovation ("In Search of
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