Transformational Leadership : Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs

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Figure 1: Transformational Leadership Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs (see fig.2) made me think how a good leader should understand the needs of a team member and provide challenges and training opportunities to meet those needs to achieve a positive outcome. (4) I could recall an incident when I helped a junior colleague who was very competent but was lacking self confidence and commitment. I offered her the responsibility of monitoring a specialist test under controlled supervision. This test involves a lot of supervision and should be done with due care. This test was needed for an inpatient in a different speciality. As there were staffing issues to spare a trained nurse specifically for the test, I had to organise this test with the nurses in the ward by giving a clear plan for performing the test and to monitor the patient closely with no compromise in safety. I also made sure that the junior colleague understood the procedure well and call for help when needed. Although I was supervising the test I took a step back so that her confidence is not undermined. This exercise proved successful and this task had improved this junior doctor’s confidence and also brought out a sense of belonging as a team which made future working as a team easy and enjoyable. Figure 2 This incident also made me realise that my leadership style was maturing more towards Hersey and Blanchard’s situational leadership style .(5) In the
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