Transformational Leadership

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A leader is someone who has the ability to influence followers that have the same determination and outcomes for change as they do. Not all leaders are famous people, or people in high positions of power. There are leaders all around us. They are just ones that possess leadership qualities that not all people have. This does not mean though that they are born leaders. This also doesn’t mean that all leaders are good leaders. They can also harm society, like Hitler. People build their leadership qualities through life experiences. Great leaders are able to effectively influence their subordinates. This influencing is usually done by using their authority. Most people tend to believe and trust in people in authority because they…show more content…
I think that it is easier for people to follow a person that inspires them. A person with a vision and passion can achieve great things, both very valuable traits to have. If I can inject enthusiasm and energy into myself and others, many great things can be achieved. In the future when I am in a leadership position I want to be able to develop my followers by making sure that they possess the passion and energy needed to work towards our organization’s common goal. I want to care about them and make sure that they succeed at what they want to accomplish. Working for a transformational leader should be a wonderful uplifting experience. Transformational leadership starts with the development of a vision. This should be a view of the future that will grab the attention, excite and convert potential followers. Once the vision has been developed, you will have to constantly sell the vision. This will probably take a lot of energy and commitment, because few people will automatically believe in your vision. A transformational leader should take every opportunity available to convince others to climb on their “bandwagon.” In order to create followers, the transformational leader has to be careful in creating trust, and their personal integrity is a critical part in what they are selling. Therefore, they are selling themselves as well as the vision. “The common
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