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James MacGregor Burns has defined leadership as “leaders inducing the followers to act for certain goals that represent the values and the motivations – the wants and needs, the aspirations and expectations – of both leaders and followers” (Burns 1978. p.19.)
The concept of leadership as a whole encompasses different explanations, theories and leadership styles and has been popular not only from the organizational perspective but in the educational and political context as well. This essay aims to address the key concepts of Transformational leadership which belongs to the more recent approach taken towards leadership.
From around the mid-19th century, social scientists have been engaged in understanding and developing the nature
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According to him, Transactional leadership focused on the exchange of views and ideas between the leaders and their followers and on the other hand ‘Transformational leadership occurs when one or more persons engage with others in such a way that leaders and followers raise one another to higher levels of motivation and morality’ (Leadership-1978). While Transactional leadership (management theories) focused on the role of supervision and group performance, Transformational (Relationship theories) focused on the connection between the leaders and followers. Therefore what we saw in the 1980’s was a shift in the approach towards leadership from transactional to transformational. (NORTHOUSE-2007)
While developing the two models of transformational and transactional leadership, Burns (1978), drew form the literature on traits, leadership styles, leader member exchange theory as well as his own personal observations (Lowe Kevin. B, Galen. Kroeck, K., 1996).
His views on Transformational leadership incorporated both the visionary and charismatic aspects of leadership. However the version of Transformational Leadership that has generated the most research was created by Bass and his colleagues (Yukl, 1999).
Bass (1980) conducted a study on 70 senior
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