Transformational Leadership, Policy, and Change

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Leadership, Policy and Change Julian I Abstract This paper will focus on how effective Leadership can influence policy and change in the United States healthcare system. The implementation of new policy, program, and institutional change is often meant to improve the quality of the nation's ever-changing healthcare system. Several journal articles and texts have been selected particularly with a focus on leadership strategies to improve the quality of healthcare, and leadership’s ability to influence implemented changes to the system. The question proposed is; does leadership encourage and influence both public and private initiatives that measure health outcomes, and organize systems to improve health services when…show more content…
If those affected choose to abdicate leadership roles, they give others power over our future as health care professionals”. An example used to illustrate my argument that the ability of leadership to impact, new procedures, policies, can be noted in the passage of the Affordable Care Act, as noted by Heifetz; Leadership Without Easy Answers (2012), “While the Affordable Care Act offers the potential to positively impact health care, we have a lot of work to do as regulations are implemented at the national and state levels. Implementation of health care reform may offer yet another test of our political system as Democrats and Republicans play out their very different health care visions. The federal health care reform law does not create a new system but does fill gaps in our existing system. It is a product of both a fragmented political process, which compels compromise, and our fragmented health care system, which limits reformers’ options to move away from the status quo. Strong leadership will be required to realize the potential and promise for health care reform“. I do believe that because of transformational and transactional leadership the passage of the Affordable Care Act was possible. Below illustrates several fundamental institutional, program, and policies changes leadership will have to
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