Transformational Leadership : The Family, Life, And Early Life

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Transformational leadership Paper The Family, Life, and Early Life The person that I chose to do my transformational leadership person Lady Diana Frances. Lady Dianna was born on July first, 1961. Dianna had four siblings two brothers Charles and John Spencer, two sisters Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Jane Fellowes Baroness Fellowes. Her parents are Edward Spencer, Viscount Althorp. Her mother Frances Shand Kydd lived near Oban the Isle of Seil. Dianne mother was a prominent and well-respected figure in the Catholic community. and was noted for her charity work in her faith such as preparing meals for visiting clergies. Dianna mother, Frances Shand Kydd (68) died at home after suffering a long battle from a brain disease. The father of…show more content…
She assisted Red Cross by leading a movement rid get rid of land mines. Dianna, a compassionate being traveled to Pakistan and Argentina, Angola and spoke on the terror of landmines left from wars. By lending her name to campaigning to ban landmines had a profound impact on Great Britain and other countries.So much so that a second bill was to stop the use of anti-personnel landmines called the Ottawa Treaty. Mr. Cook paid tribute to Princess Dianna for her contributions to the cause. Princess Dianna impacted Princes Dianna participated in various humanitarian causes such as leprosy, cancer, and AIDS. Princess Dianna devoted time to helping sick children and individuals who were homeless. Princess Dianna was a fundraiser and promoter for the organization that she supported. Princess Dianna helped families that were stigmatized by one’s family member in prisons. In addition to Palliative Care which gives One right to die that is sick from a fatal illness. Princess Dianna believed that one should have the right to die with dignity. Not only did Princess Dianna support these organization she leads by example she participated and brought her children to participated in humanitarian events such as feeding the homeless, allowing them to visit AIDS shelters. Princess Dianna wanted her boys to be able to relate to the emotions of other individuals. Therefore, creating a level of understanding between everyday people and
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