Transformational Leadership : Transformational And Transformational

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Leadership is one of the most important topics in management as it contributes a lot in well-being of an organization. Many organizations made to one of the top organizations in the world through effective leadership. This is because leaders make things happen. This essay will give you a short understanding about two different types of leadership styles and will examine the difference between two i.e. transactional and transformational leaderships through different examples and real life situations. Transformational leadership is a type of leadership in which leaders inspires people through their charisma and help their followers to develop into leaders. Transformational leadership tries to achieve the organizational goal compromising the personal gains. Furthermore, transformational Leaders empower their followers and pay attention to their individual needs and personal development, hence followers tend to develop their own leadership skills in addition these leaders are considered as role models and followers seems to follow them. Some components of transformational leadership is being identified by Warrilow 2012 i.e.” Charisma or idealized influence, Inspirational motivation, Intellectual stimulation, Personal and individual attention “ which are an integral part of the concept of transformational leadership. However, Yukl (1999) identified some weaknesses of transformational leadership; firstly, it fails to explain the interacting variables between transformational
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