Transformational Leadership : Transformational Leaders

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Through time we have come to observe that the outdated system of management has transformed and undergone various changes within the century. Before, employees would carry out their assigned occupational duties during an allotted amount of time and once that time elapsed they would go home. However, now times have changed. Employees are now encouraged and motivated to grow, contribute input, as well as contribute as a whole in order to improve the overall state of an organization. There is a great deal of information for leaders to become more informed and knowledgeable of how to achieve personal growth, which, ultimately enables the organization to grow as a whole as well. This process of achieving personal growth and becoming more…show more content…
Carey, 2015). Therefore, we come to learn that transformational leaders are often necessary and utilized to transform an inadequate low performance organization into an adequate high performance organization. In other occurrences, a transformation leader is expected to rescue an organization from a crisis. However, in order to carry out and achieve this task, it is vital for the leader to overhaul the organizational culture and subculture that may be prevalent. This task can be accomplished through nine methods of transforming other individuals such as: 1. Raise and increase awareness. It is vital that the leader makes other individuals aware of potential rewards and how they may be achieved. For example, pride in the job as well as offering financial incentives and bonuses. 2. Facilitate others in looking past self-interest. It is vital for the transformational leader to help others acknowledge and comprehend the big picture through explaining the presenting the whole scenario. For example, if an organization is to hire more employees to carry out certain task there will be cuts in various other areas. 3. Help individuals achieve self-fulfillment. The transformative leader assist others in not focusing on minor satisfactions such as completing a job prior to the deadline due to the fact that an individual did not take days off, this helps the organization grow and
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