Transformational Leadership : What Makes A Good Leader?

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Transformational Leadership in Nursing What makes a good leader? Many people have their own perceptions on what entails a good leader. People have high expectations when a leader is involved. Our country is led by a Commander in chief and without their leadership things would be chaotic. A transformational leader, such as the Commander in chief, is known for being strong person, observant, and exercises great listener skills (Zerwekh&Garneau, 2015). They have a clear vision and will have an influential impact on others (Zerwekh&Garneau, 2015). In this in paper I plan to describe what makes a good leader, how transformational leadership function within the field of nursing, how transformational nursing can be implemented in my own practice, how I have gained personal growth and how Stephen Covey’s book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People implements leadership. Definitions, History and Concepts The characteristic of a leader is a learned skillset over time, founded on previous experiences (Zerwekh &Garneau, 2015). A leader is defined as someone who wants change, is focused, gains trust, has a vision, and takes initiative (Zerwekh &Garneau, 2015). To be a leader one must have proactivity, which is Covey’s first habit of being effective (Covey, 1990). This means taking responsibility for one’s actions and taking initiative (Covey, 1990). Stephen Covey was born in October 1932 in Utah (Martin, 2012). He is a brilliant author who made an impact
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