Transformational Leadership in Comparison to One's Own Strengths

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Introduction From the Strength Finder website questionnaire, my individualized leadership strengths are as follows: achiever, command, context, focus, and significance. In this essay I will elaborate on these in detail and the ways they explicitly relate to my personality and the different experiences and activities of my life. I have also researched several articles that discuss transformational leadership and how this pertains to the literature on the subject. I will discuss transformational leadership in comparison to my own strengths, and explain how my leadership style may progress as I advance through this nurse practitioners program. Reflections on my Personal Strengths Based on Past Experiences A Drive for Achievement I have a strong desire to achieve and make significant accomplishments in this life, and a stimulation and ambition that keep on pushing me to achieve. This causes me to endeavor to make something of my life so that it becomes worthwhile, and ensure that every day of it is used to the maximum. In short, I understand achievement to mean the drive to optimize and maximize my life so that when I die, I can look back and with a feeling of contentment that I have used my life to make a significant contribution. I obtained two Bachelor degrees in five years and I have been thinking about my master's degree ever since. Now that I am currently in the master's program at Maryville and working more that full-time hours, achievement drives me to maximize and
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