Transformational Leadership:Transformational Leadership

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Transformational Leadership: Transformational leadership is a leadership style where follower goes after a leader because of qualities like trust and sincerity. The stronger these are, the greater support they have for the leader. Because of these qualities of the transformational leader, followers are willing to work harder than originally expected. This transformation occurs because the transformational leader offers followers something more than just working for personal gain, and provide inspiring vision to the followers and give the meaning to the assigned work. Example: A person who focuses more on innovating new things and motivates his followers to be creative and to stand on their commitments to accomplish organization’s…show more content…
Using leadership theory and research, explain the role of each in defining effective leadership. Why and in what way are all three critical? No firm or Organization has existed without an effective leadership. An Effective leadership is the process of influencing others to accomplish the organizational goals and it depends on three quality factors 1. Leader’s qualities 2. Followers Importance 3. Situation Effective Leader’s qualities and characteristics: 1. An Effective leader plays an important role within an organization related to success, productivity and the performance of the employees. The most important challenge for an effective leader is to build the high performing team for organizational growth. 2. They inspire and energize his followers by notifying their capability which makes them overcome the obstacles because achieving the target always requires a lot of motivation. He (Effective leader) has a talent to develop the vision to persuade his followers to move with appetite towards a common goal (Bernard M. Bass). 3. In Cross Culture leadership, an Effective leader makes different strategies for different cultures to work because when he relocates to other location the same methods are not going to work flawlessly (Bruce J. Avolio). 4. An Effective leader is a good decision maker because he has an ability to cope with the changes in the organization and make his followers minds the best way possible in a short period to execute
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