Transformative Essay: Celebrating National Pig Day

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Celebrating National Pig Day

Have you ever thought that our farmyard pig has an annual celebration day? Well, as new and interesting as this might sound for you, it is true! National Pig Day is a special event celebrated every year, on March 1, in the United States, mainly in the Midwest. This celebration has its origins in 1972, and it was first started by two sisters – Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave.
National Pig Day was invented for celebrating the pig, which is one of the most intellectual and domesticated animals that people have. The two sisters who began this celebration considered that the pig deserved to be celebrated and given the right to be recognized for its value in our farmyards.
This celebration includes various events and
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The organizers decided to transform this celebration as a yearly celebration in their area. During the celebration, a pig roast was included, as well as different activities for children. The entertainment was ensured by apparitions of IronPigs mascots and the Pork Racers.
- In Illinois, the celebration also has other meaning than in other parts of the country. Here, the pig is also celebrated for being one of the disrespected species, although the pork industry brings billions of dollars to the state’s economy.
- In New York, this celebration is usually including pot-bellied pigs. This celebration is especially held in Zoos, where various pigs are given names and are included in different competitions that are meant to entertain and amuse children attending the event.
Various events
National Pig Day is celebrated in various other states and places. In every part where this celebration is held, there are different events organized and the pig is celebrated through various methods. In certain parts of the US, families visit farms and are allowed to cuddle pigs. Also as part of the celebrations, people are presented interesting facts about pigs.
So if you wish to bring honor to your favorite domestic animal, you now know that there is an annual celebration where pigs are the main
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