Transformative Essay: The Changes In Canadian Culture

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The date is 2019, and civilization has been devastated. During the month of June, a huge solar flare has hit the Earth and has wiped out all systems communication and power. The impact has destroyed technology such as: satellites, GPS, wireless networks, and the power grid. It may take several years to repair the damage it has caused and it will cost the world trillions of dollars. Individuals must use old tactics or discover new ways to combat day-to-day problems. In this paper, I will discuss the changes in Canadian culture and tackle the reason why these political, economic, technological, social environment, family and belief systems have transformed. Before Change (Catastrophic event)

The time period that existed before will be described as the typical “Western North American” culture. Life before the event was progressing quite rapidly. With the introduction of self-driving electric cars, wireless home assistance (Google Home) facial recognition and robot-to-robot communication, it seemed that we were heading towards an autonomous way
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The vast majority of individuals will be voting for the conservative government, due to the fact that the liberal party has failed to establish a strong Canadian economic policy, created large amounts in debt, continuous lies, empty promises and corruption. Canadian’s have had enough and want change. A sense of nationalism has empowered Canadians’ to put the lives of Canadians’ first. This new perspective has created a new hybrid of egocentrism and sociocentric identity. To explain this new phenomenon, individuals’ want the government to help individuals living in Canada after this catastrophic event, before the aid of other countries and have a sense of collectivism for the new family dynamic. The interpretation of collectivism in this context refers for the greater good of the family, instead of the individual
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