Transformative Leadership

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Transformative Leadership in a Nonprofit Organization

Yulanda Harris

EDD8100 – Foundations of Educational Leadership and Management 1

April 21, 2013

Capella University

A transformative leader is a leader who can bring about influential change in others. These leaders not only transform essential change, they change the way we think and act. Transformative leaders create practices and processes in organizations proactively. In addition, transformative leaders can be found at different levels in an organization. They can hold the title ranging from supervisor to executive director. This essay primarily focuses on the challenges faced by the Training & Development (T&D) Specialist, who is capable of
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For example, when your staff comes to you with a problem, how do you come to a solution?
The above questions cited the importance of empowering others, inspiring others, delegation, collaboration, mentoring others. If managers and supervisors are to become transformative leaders they must answer those questions (Lansford, Clements, Falzon, Aish & Rogers, 2010). The goal is to have managers and supervisors feeling capable of reaching the right decisions independently with the goal of possessing their team to feel good about their contributions.
Furthermore, the T&D specialist is ensuring the mission and values of the organization will affect the managers and supervisors thinking and management style. As a result they will transform organizational culture and inspire job satisfaction of the employees. The managers and supervisors will need to form a good example, self-confidence and understand needs of the staff. This means they can motivate the staff by their actions and words, in addition to ensuring their loyalty to PVM. As a result new training programs are created to develop strategies where new competencies are being taught. This will allow managers and supervisors gain valuable insights and find new opportunities to align their job or career satisfaction and performance with the organization’s outcomes and success (Wainright, York & Woodward, 2012).

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