Transformative Learning : A Transformative Experience

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Transformative learning refers to transforming a problematic frame of reference to make it more dependable in our adult life by generating opinions and interpretations that are more justified. Mezirow’s then continues this statement by implying that, ‘transformative learning is a way of problem solving by defining a problem or by redefining or reframing the problem’ (Mezirow 1991)
Transformative learning is a process that many people will go through in their lifetime and it’s a process that I can relate to personally. A transformative experience allows an individual to have a better understanding of who they are and also requires them, to search them self and reflect on the experience and recognize what has happened and what brought them
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On the way I had an overnight stay in Dubai as I continue the rest of the flight to Jordan, Amman. A bus picked me up from Dubai airport, and dropped me directly in front of the hotel that I’ll be sleeping the night in, alone. At this point, I knew that I had a huge responsibility on my shoulders. The hallucination of screeching sounds and wind were running through the night... I sat still, and recalled the moment my parents mentioned that all I need is to be confident in my decisions, no matter what the result may be. It is much more beneficial to listen to the voice inside yourself rather than the berating opinions of others.
I arrived at Jordan Airport, waiting for the arrival of my two, thirty kilo luggage.
I walk out to a small, crowded airport, people running in every direction possible. One man approached me wearing an orange fluoro vest. Stuttering and offering to get my luggage for me as they glide out on to the rotating belt. I simply nodded, as the man grabs me an empty trolley. One by one, bags were going...people were picking them up and exiting through doors where my family is standing directly behind them. The sooner the luggage come out the sooner I get to see my family. My bags were nowhere to b seen, i became anxious and worried, I was waiting over eighty minutes, no bags were coming out and everyone had left.
I was approached with a situation, where I was
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