Transforming Human Resources at Novartis Essay

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Executive Summary: This case demonstrates a scenario of implementing a new system at Novartis in which several variables comes into play. Those variables are cultural differences and lack of organizational innovation. Novartis is facing obstacles on implementing the new HRIS within the organization because it puts pressure on HR associates that interacts with other firms and the company lacks on flexibility and adaptability. The project scope of the implementation is not quite clear and the deadline is too short. In addition, there is a lot resistance by the line managers in the actual implementation of the HRIS since it could increase the difficulties of subsequent implementations and future tasks. There are also cultural differences in…show more content…
2. Why do these systems sometimes fail to achieve their desired organizational outcomes? Sometimes these systems fail to achieve their desired organizational outcomes due to the lack of flexibility and adaptability within the organization. Also the implementation of the technology in a short period of time creates tension and it can be overwhelming for the members of the organization. The organization is not up to take up a big step on syncing on technology; this could be a sign of lack of innovation within the organization. In addition, sometimes the company tends to oversell or undersell the project in which it could lead to problems if the new system does not deliver the promised benefits. 3. What are the major obstacles of this project? The major obstacles of this project are the tension between the line managers since they are creating resistance on implementing the new system. Another obstacle would be the short deadline, since it will be piloted in the UK and be implemented globally in a year. Constant communication between other regions is required in order to share assumptions during the process of the implementation. In a global perspective, corporate functions and system designers must identify best practices and standardize
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