Transforming Information to Knowledge

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To begin with, it is necessary to consider the information life cycle, which consists in transforming information to knowledge and knowledge to information. When you find different types of data that is a random collection of facts in the outside world, later you give them some context and thereby this organized data is converted to information now. Then, this information with a value or a meaning, when it is interpreted is turned into knowledge. So it is transformed into information that you communicate and share with others and in this way, the same cycle starts. To sum up, information is random and miscellaneous and, conversely, knowledge is ordered and cumulative. Moreover, the cost and the value of information depend on the use of it. Information has its price, for example, the money paid to access Internet and its value, the relevance of it. What is more, this term describes the actual society where the creation and use of information is a significant technological, economic, occupational, spatial and cultural activity, or some combination of all of these. Moreover, it is important to know “in what ways and why information is becoming more central today” (Webster, 2006) that is leading to a new sort of society. The technological scene involves the findings in information processing storage and transmission, along with the reductions in costs and the increase in the powers of computers. All in all, it is translated into the convergence and imbrications of computing

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