Transforming Nursing And Health Care

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TRANSFORMING NURSING AND HEALTH CARE WEEK 4 ASSIGNMENT: APPLICATION USING THE DATA/INFORMATION/KNOWLEDGE/WISDOM CONTINUUM INTRODUCTION Theory is one of the fundamental blocks of each scientific discipline.It is impossible to imagine biology without the theory of Evolution or physics without the theory of Relativity.Nursing informatics ,a relatively new discipline,is also thirsty for its own theory.However,it is challenging to find literature that provides clear theoretical guidance for nurse informaticians. The Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom framework Nursing informatics was created by the merge of three well established scientific fields:Information science,Computer science and Nursing Science.One of the most compelling definitions of the discipline states: ?Nursing informatics science and practice integrates nursing,its information and knowledge and their manaement with information and communication technologies to promote the health of people,families and communities worldwide?(International Medical Informatics Association-Nursing Working Group,2010).Unfortunately,very few attempts were made to generate a broad theoretical framework for nursing informatics.There are several challenges to generate such framework.First,the interdisciplinary nature of nursing informatics demands the use of broad enough theoretical framework to encompass all the disciplines.Also, the required theoretical framework should consider the practice/application domain;the implementation

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