Transforming Of The Market Society

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Sosc essay 3

Christian Yong

Professor Cameron Johnston


9 February 2016

Transforming to the Market Society

We currently live in a market society that is completely different from past societies. In market society, the society is a system of self-regulating market as a whole (Polanyi 43). People are needed to act and think in particular ways for the market society to function (Polanyi 68). For instance, people in market society believe that economic relations are more needed than interpersonal relations (Polanyi 44). Polanyi calls the emergence of market society “the great transformation”. My thesis is the change to market society is a fundamental transformation due to market society being characterized by self-regulation, fictitious commodities and an emphasis on individuals, which are considerably different from past societies. A number of the differences that take place under the workplace in the system of market society will also be shown. Furthermore, the thoughts that people have about the world in market society will be explained by pointing out the association between the “spirit of capitalism” and the “protestant work ethic”. Lastly, the reasons why these ideological conditions are essential to the emergence of market society will be provided.
The first characteristic of market society that causes the change to market society essential is that within the economy there is self-regulation and it is defined as “market economy” (Polanyi 68).
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