Transforming South Africa

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South Africa endured one of the worst colonialisation any country could have went through, whereby the Apartheid regime objectively disregarded the economic participation of the black over to those of the white population. However, the new democratic government would thereby be challenged with effectively having to deal with the challenges in which the past government had left behind. Therefore, in effectively trying to deal with the issues, alternative approaches have to be implemented in order to deliver on the challenges of the public. On the contrary, this essay will critically compare and discuss the liberal and free market, as well as the state interventionist approach as alternative solutions in dealing with current issues of social security, the health and school systems. Which would be able to transform current developmental challenges facing South Africa. In summary, the essay will thereby state which approach can transform South Africa in effectively dealing with developmental challenges currently facing South Africa.
2.1 Policy Making
Stol (2009: 14) defines policy making as a national government being able to convert its political objectives into programmes and actions to deliver the required outcomes (Stol 2009: 14). It could be noted that for the government to effectively respond to developmental challenges it should be able to have access of the background and complexity of the challenges. Such a process would assist the
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