Transforming Species Into Molecular Biology

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Transforming Species into Molecular Biology Between 1850 and 1950, the definition of what science was and what it could become radically changed through means of breakthrough theories, ideas and experimentations from scientists exploring the realms outside of the traditional religious views. The method of how science was conducted drastically altered as well. The development of new technologies allowed scientists to step away from simple observation, towards more sophisticated and complex research. Through those influential hundred years, one question remained, what is life? And how do we appropriately characterize it? Because of this, three of sciences revolutionary icons approached their respective inquiries in different manners. All three men used outside correspondences with their peers to help them develop their own assumptions and eventually revolutionizing the concept of science. Watson and Crick’s work, along with Darwin’s represent some of the greatest alterations of scientific thought and development of current common beliefs. In this disquisition, I will provide a brief biography of these men as well as their respective influences and the types of methods they used to create their deep-seated ideas. For example, Darwin found inspiration from previous scientists such as Linnaeus, Buffon, Malthus, Cuvier, and Lyell. men. These helped shape how Darwin thoughtfully and deeply observed the environment. Watson and Crick also compounded data from vying peers, such
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