Transforming the High Middle Ages Essay

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Cultures are guided by unique influences and morals based upon previous experiences. Their developments set the stage for the improvement of future generations and nations. These shared improvements and experiences allow a community to be led and supported by common values. The interests of the English culture reflected the economic, political, and social changes from the 11th through 14th centuries. The life and monarchy of the English nation during the High Middle Ages relied heavily on the influences of the Normans, the Christian church, and technology.

The educational and technological innovations developed in England during the High Middle Ages brought quick improvements in agriculture, war, and knowledge. Education and
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In addition to its use in battles, the horse became a necessity in farm life. Horses enabled English farmers to work more plots of land, each having denser soils. The use of land and soil was also improved through the rotation of crops. The increased productivity of farming allowed English citizens to eat better and live longer. Agricultural inventions such as the heavy plow with the efficient and powerful horse improved agriculture all over Europe.

The Norman conquest of England resulted in a sudden progression in the development of social organization. “No widow shall be compelled to marry, so long as she prefers to live without a husband; provided always that she gives security not to marry without our consent, if she holds of us, or without the consent of the lord of whom she holds, if she holds of another.” (Clause 8, Magna Carta) The relationship between feudal lords and their subjects was a loyal bond that required honesty, obedience, and respect by law. Women, although given numerous and expanding rights, were constantly treated as property and had little freedom. Barons and officials wrote this clause relevant to women and feudalism. The feudal system was brought and introduced to England by Normandy. This political organization distributed land among feudal lords and required loyalty from serfs and warriors. This system also placed subjects at various levels of social stratification. The booming food production rates and population growth led to
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