Transgender Bathroom Moral Dilemmas

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After reading the Moral dilemma on the transgender bathroom situation my answer to the question is no. The reason for my answer is that there are children in the building at this given time, and I am abiding by the Salvation Army KeepSafe Policy. The Salvation Army mission statement, states “we are motivated by the Love of God, and our mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination”. If I go by the Mission Statement, it would seem like I am discriminating against this transgendered person. Mores so, it may seem that I am not living up to the mission statement. In this case, I don’t see this situation as a moral dilemma, it is just a guideline The Salvation Army staffs and Corps…show more content…
However, there were bathroom bills that were posed, and the backlash of states such as Arizona, Maryland, Kentucky and Florida, suggest that transgender people feeling are not valid. They should use the bathroom that matches the sex on their birth certificate. As a Corps officer of The Salvation Army, I have to say no with love because of our KeepSafe Policy. I have to protect the children who are placed under my care against predators, and I have to be aware of all situations. In contrast, I am called to love and express Christ-like genuine love to all people. In today society, if individuals don’t have a personal relationship with Christ, there is no real way they can handle a transgender person without being ethical biases. This is my opinion, personally; I don’t have a problem with transgender. I know whatever they are doing is not morally right under God's the law. Even so, I am not God, and that is their sin, I not here to judge them. I am only here to show them, Christ-like love. They will have to answer to God at the time of
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