Transgender Characters In The Media

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Transgender characters in scripted television can seem like a phenomenon. The very fact that there are shows on air that feature transgender characters in reoccurring or starring roles is a huge step for the transgender community. Visibility in the media is the first step in the long journey of erasing the bias and hate that the transgender population faces. However, these steps are only productive if the depictions are positive. Television helps inform and shape the public opinion of the transgender community, and has a strong effect on the formation of self-identity when watched by transgender individuals. Using examples from The Golden Girls, Matlock, Orange is the New Black, The L Word, and Transparent, this paper shows common tropes and characters of transgender representation. Although scripted television shows have become more inclusive in regards to transgender visibility, the onscreen depiction of transgender individuals is still misguided.

Depiction in Media

Transgender representation in scripted television shows is vital in helping transgender individuals to shape their self-identity. While more and more popular shows have featured transgender characters in recent times, it is still uncommon to see a transgender character on television. Because of this, it is important to note that viewers that are not well informed about the transgender community will have their views influenced by the characters that they see on their screens. This aspect does not just
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