Transgender Identity Bathrooms

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Which Bathroom Should Transgenders Use?
On May 13, 2016 the United States was issued a letter from the president himself (Barack Obama at the time) declaring that “the nation’s schools must immediately begin allowing students to use the bathrooms, locker rooms and showers of the student’s choosing, or risk having Title IX linked funding withdrawn.” (Scott Pruitt) Title IX, created in 1972 is a law that banned sex discrimination in schools. Since then, it requires schools to provide separate toilets, locker rooms, and shower facilities based on sex. However, in Obama’s letter, it is stated that Title IX was rewritten and one’s sex is no longer biologically defined but reflects one’s “gender identity”. Thus anyone wanting to change their gender
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For example, a college boy that identifies as a female would have the right to room with other girls in a girls dorm, despite how all the other girls in the dorm feel. Likewise, a male high school student who identifies as a girl is allowed to go into the girls locker rooms and shower. Edward Whelan puts it like this, “the advocates of transgender access to bathrooms and showers who, under the guise of their nondiscrimination rhetoric, are in fact seeking to discriminate on the basis of--in favor of--gender identity.” Which is just as “a policy of race-segregated restrooms and showers makes race determine which facilities a person is allowed to use.” There by saying, these policy makes are only making the problem worse.
Rather, the American Psychological Association says that restricting transgenders rights to use the bathroom of their choice, only increases bullying. Especially when a transgender girl goes into the boy's bathroom. If the schools would back these transgender kids and stand up for them, maybe some of the bullying would stop. That is to say, these transgender kids feel that if the school restricts their access to the facilities of their choice, they are condoning
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Like Dan Patrick, the lieutenant governor of Texas puts it, “This is a public safety issue, not a discrimination issue. It’s about common courtesy and privacy.” In an ideal community, disregarding all comfort issues, letting transgenders choose the bathroom they want to use would be fine. However, that just is not the world we live in today. Sexual predators are out there. If prohibiting transgenders from entering the restroom of their choice prevents even one case of sexualual harasment or molestation, isn’t it worth it? Ultimately, the most important thing policy makers must consider is safety for everyone using public
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