Transgender Identity Disorder Research Paper

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Let’s face it—everybody’s gotta “go.” At some point during the day, all 7.5 billion people on Earth use the restroom. A lot of the time, you aren’t even within the comforts of your own home when you feel the warning signs. But what if you couldn’t use a public restroom? Imagine a world where stationed before every public restroom, stood a police officer that demanded your personal information. Imagine a world where you were forced into a restroom of the wrong gender. Imagine a world where public restroom access turned from necessity to luxury. This is a struggle that transgender individuals fear—and oftentimes face—daily, and the future of it could affect everyone. Left uneducated, the individuals on this Earth could make this nightmare a reality. The pivotal fight denying transgender individuals correct bathroom access is a threat to personal privacy and their mental health fueled by poor judgement and misinformation. Now, why would someone want to use the restroom of the opposing gender? Should these
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While gender dysphoria is not necessarily a mental illness in itself, more than 71% of people with gender dysphoria develop another mood disorder in their lifetime, such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, and/or suicidal thoughts (WebMD). Children are especially affected, and according to the American Psychiatric Association, many adolescents find themselves alone and rejected, and are oftentimes unable to shower or wear a bathing suit. Many even undertake self-harm behaviors. The significant distress caused by dysphoria must persist for 2 years for a diagnosis to be made and treatment to begin. Treatment usually includes a social and physical transition into the gender the patient feels that they are. A social transition almost always includes correct bathroom
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