Transgender Rights : The Transgender Person Is Someone Who Identifies As The Opposite Gender

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Transgender Rights in America A transgender person is someone who identifies as the opposite gender they were assigned at birth. Transgender people often suffer from gender dysphoria, a condition in which a person feels a psychological disturbance towards their assigned gender. In order to calm their dysphoria, they make the decision to live as who they truly believe themselves to be. A person such as this often faces an umbrella of governmental, societal, occupational, educational, medical, and domestic grievance’s. To many, this is an all new phenomena, but people of the transgender community have been facing problems for decade’s with little to no recognition or assurance. However, in the past few years’ matters concerning rights and protection of transgender people have made a significant appearance in the media and courtrooms. But appearance itself is not enough, these people need to been seen and heard. Little has been said to address the unnecessary hardships trans individuals must face in order to live authentically. The government and society need to make more accommodations for the safety, and overall well-being of transgender people. In the last two years, more transgendered people have been murdered than ever recorded. Thirty-three trans people were murdered and 2014 and 2015, the youngest being just seventeen. Worldwide almost one person every day. Statistic’s claim that “every twenty-nine hours, a transgendered person is being murdered.” People are
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