Transgender Rights in America Essay

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Humans have established their own rights in society for many, many years now. However, because some humans differ from the norms that are built in society, they are shunned and denied their rights until they conform to society’s norms. There has been numerous groups of people who have been denied their rights in America. African Americans, immigrants, Native Americans, and gays have been isolated simply because that is the way that they were born into this world and others do not find them “normal”. There is another group that has also been mistreated though; people who identify themselves as transgendered. A good portion of society is unknowingly misinformed about these kinds of people.
When an individual identifies themselves as
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These kind of people want to and will try to make someone’s life as hard as possible simply because they see this subject differently. The simple, daily task of using the bathroom is a breeze for any typical person. Unfortunately, this task comes across as a intimidating adversary to a trans person simply because one can be conflicted with which restroom to use. For many trans people, entering a gender-specific bathroom can be a source of stress and anxiety, because using the restroom can mean very real health and safety concerns. Harassment of trans people in and around gender-specific bathrooms can range from denial of use to police intervention to verbal threats and physical assault.
According to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey conducted in 2011 that received responses from more than 6, 000 trans people, it was found that over half (53%) of them have claimed to have experience harassment not only at/in bathrooms, but other public accommodations as well such as hotels and restaurants and 10% of trans people have reported to have been physically attacked while at these facilities. (Tash par.1) These people are discriminated against almost every single place they travel to. No human being deserves to be treated this way as everyone is built relatively the same.
Surprisingly, this issue is not only limited to adults. There are children who must encounter these problems as well. In January of 2013, a first-grader Coy Mathis
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