Transgender Surgery Case Study

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It wasn't until Walter sought help from the Liberty Counsel that he was finally successful, by circumventing the court system entirely. Through them, he had learned that California’s transgender law no longer requires court orders to change gender designations on driver’s licenses, social security cards, birth certificates, or passports. Matt Staver, president of Liberty Council, argued that Walter was denied his request to have his birth certificate reverted to its original gender because activist judges in California were more concerned about upholding an ideology that promotes gender confusion.

Originally he was delighted at having what he considered to be the right body, claiming to have felt trapped in the wrong one since he was five-years-old. However, he found that his feelings of happiness would soon lead into a darker place.
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Unfortunately, there were no safe reversal procedures at the time.

While the cause of gender dysphoria is still being debated, it is an acknowledged fact that it at least bears some relation to homosexuality which correlates very strongly with being sexually abused as a child. There are also many stories similar to Walter's that attribute their desire for transgender surgery to childhood sexual abuse and being pressured by
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