Transgenic Organisms in the Agricultural World Essay

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What are transgenic organisms? How are they made? Are they safe? Are they a good source of food? These are all questions that are asked about transgenic organisms. Through this paper we will discuss these questions and give viable answers. We will look in detail into the role these organisms play in today’s society. Transgenic organisms are organisms that have been genetically modified through the insertion of DNA from one organism into the genome of another organism (WiseGeek, 2011). In our case the organisms are agricultural plants that are being modified to produce a desired phenotype. When these plants are fully developed they will exhibit the desired traits that were inserted to improve the plant. When these organisms…show more content…
Some transgenic plants can be resistance to the herbicide roundup and those producing the proteins Bt, which is Bacillus Thuringensis, which has a great potential to reduce the amount of land needed for farming and to also reduce the use of chemical pesticides while reducing the incidence of pesticide resistance. (Soderlund, 2010). Transgenic crops are cheap to buy so people will not have to spend lots of money on buying foods. It is unlikely that transgenic plants pose any significant risk to human and there is also no evidence to suggest that there is any additional risk from eating transgenic crops. There is no evidence that has been found that foods made with the genetically engineered crops now on the market are any less safe to eat than foods made with the same organic crops. It actually gives us more nutrition and proteins then non transgenic crops. Although transgenic seeds are more expensive then non transgenic seeds, farmers make a lot more profit in selling transgenic crops then non transgenic crops. They also have a lot more produce from transgenic crops then non transgenic crops. So, they benefit both ways; they get more crops, and also make more money from using less seeds in transgenic crops, unlike non transgenic crops where they would not make as much of a profit nor would they produce excess crops from using fewer seeds. Transgenic crops have better taste and quality; they do not require high maintenance, and
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