Transhumanism: Human Condition

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Transhumanism Transhumanism is the ideology or the concept of transforming and molding the 'human condition' through the use of technology. Such technology could be used to greatly benefit and improve physical, intellectual, and even emotional qualities in an individual person. Part of transhumanist efforts are also dedicated to predicting and thinking about both the positive and negative effects as well as the dangers and benefits that this technology may provide us with. The first 'transhumanists' gathered sometime in the 1980's at what is now the center for transhumanist thought; University of California, Los Angeles. Since that time many popular topics have come to surface such as nanotechnology, cryonics (or low-temperature preservation…show more content…
Even though Transhumanism seems like a relatively new topic for the general public to digest, the concept itself has been around for decades. However, now more than ever we are seeing huge leaps in technological advancements that lead us ever closer to what could potentially change humanity forever. Transhumanists continue to operate today and look for ways to use and develop technology that can help us in our everyday
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