Essay on Transhumanism: The Drive for Perfection

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Muscles strong enough to flip over a tank. Eyes that see the night as clear as day. Perfect photographic memory. These sorts of human enhancements are found in video games like Halo 3 and other science fiction media. It seems that an average human of today will not be enough for the future. The demand for human enhancement is widely present. Professional sports leagues allow certain drugs like caffeine to be used. Sports players are often caught abusing steroids to gain an edge over the other players and their stories become fodder for mass media. Women use plastic surgery to enhance their physical features. But what of the future? But first, a short history lesson is in order. In November 1972, Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen began…show more content…
5-6). But this assertion may be short-sighted, at least to Gregory Stock. He criticizes it by stating that the division between the rich and poor is insignificant when compared to the division between the generations. He uses Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world, to show that not even he could genetically enhance his son, Rory at the time of his son's conception. According to him, "any enhancements a billion dollars can buy Rory's child in 2030 will seem crude alongside those available for modest sums in 2060" (144). Though the socioeconomic issues of transhumanism may threaten the self-evident truth that all men are created equal, genetic enhancement, like environmental encouragement, may simply be another tool of enhancing the quality of life, according to Julian Savulescu. He explains that health is instrumentally valuable because "health enables us to live well" and "disease prevents us from doing what we want and what is good" (13). Savulescu then illustrates the point that genetic enhancement can improve the quality of life through numerous examples. First, he provides evidence that children with better impulse control generally "had more friends, better academic performance, and more motivation to succeed" (14-15). Then, he tells of "a woman who blushed violet every time she went into a social

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