Transit Co Operation Research Program

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A report published in 2008 titled Transit Co-operation Research Program (TCRP) synthesis 78– based on the survey responses provided by 94 educational institutions – revealed some facts about the transit systems in college and universities (TRB, 2008). The most of the survey respondents were from four-year universities. All of the universities indicated that they have either self-operated transit system or a public transportation office-operated transit system to serve the campus communities. The most of the respondents agreed that the headway was less than 10 minutes for these transit stations in the college. The report showed that 29 transit systems charged no bus fare for students and 26 transit systems charged $1.00 to $1.50 per local bus ride. However, majority of shuttle services for on-campus circulation were offered free to ride. Another interesting fact mentioned in the report was that around 60% of the universities utilized remote park and ride services. The report revealed the fact that many institutions were found to be charging low parking prices to their staffs and faculties. Nine institutions reported to have annual parking fee less than $100. The report also mentioned that this reduced parking price was not supporting the concept of reducing the number of single occupant vehicle (SOV). The report recommended for conducting more research on the safety system, including late night safety and emergencies regarding the transit system.
Similarly, the report on…
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