Transition In The Classroom

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5. How did the teacher make the transition from one activity/topic to another?

Mrs. White used transitions sparingly, throughout her lesson. For the first transition,
Mrs. White waited until the students had all of their materials (spirals and pencils) laid out on the desk before speaking about their assignment. When Mrs. White transitioned from writing to discussion, she let the timer on her desk go off, and once the students put their pencils down and were watching her, she proceeded to pull student numbers out of a cup and would have them read their paragraph to the class. For the last major transition was from this lesson to the beginning of this lesson, Mrs. White told the students that they would be doing this type of quick-write multiple times throughout the year, and then asked the students to put their things away, and be prepared to be separated into groups to do various subjects at the same time.

6. How did the teacher monitor the students' understanding of the material being taught? Did the teacher engage students in higher order thinking?
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White monitored the students learning through two major ways. The first way was walking around the classroom while the students were writing and helping those who were not quite sure as to where to start. The second major way that Mrs. White monitored her students learning was through the class discussion that they had at the end of the lesson. This allowed the students and Mrs. White to hear what that particular student thought about the picture and some of the things that they were able to pinpoint that other students might not have seen. Mrs. White did engage in high order thinking questions, a few that she used, were, “Why did you think that?” and, “What caused you to think that about the picture?” This caused the students to tell Mrs. White why they believed what they believed about the photo, instead of just telling her what they
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