Transition Into A New Career

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Second chances in life are rare, yet I was given the opportunity not so long ago. For me it all started on the last day of high school. I was about to embark on a new journey away from home, as most kids my age were. For most of my colleagues, they were heading to college. Others were heading straight into the work force. A select few, including myself, were heading to the military. In the military I grew up fast and soon found myself completing my four years of service in no time. I was left without job and not a clear sense of direction of where I wanted my life to end up. Within my state of limbo, I realized I had been given a second chance to start over, as if life hit a reset button. This left me in a situation comparable to when I originally graduated high school, but was given a chance to choose a different job. I decided to transition into a new career in nursing. The transition to nursing from the military may seem simple, but it’s far from it. When viewing both of the communities, it is almost black and white, but at the same time they could be compared as fairly similar. A way to clearly understand this culture in the two communities would be to view them through a comparison lens of David Victor’s, “LESCANT” model (Kelm). “LESCANT” is an acronym standing for: Language, Environment, Social-organization, Context, Authority, Non-verbal, and Time demonstrating cultural aspects by the seven areas of each community (Kelm). This tool gives me the ability to analyze
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