Transition Into College Research Paper

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The transition into college can be a defining moment in a person’s life. They have opportunities to work hard and be successful and also opportunities to slack off and be disappointed. I feel confident in my ability to transition smoothly into college life. Many parts of my high school career, both at school and away from school have prepared me for what is ahead in my life. During the summer before my senior year I was pressed with the question of where to go to school. I put a lot of pressure on myself to choose a school that I would enjoy, knowing that I would spend at least four years at the institution that I end up attending. My parents also pressured me to make a right decision because they were worried I would rule out certain schools that might be perfect for me. When it came down to applying I narrowed my list down to about 8 but because of my parent’s persistence and the fact that they were free made me apply to a couple of schools I would have otherwise never applied to. One of these schools was Campbell. If I told the past me that I would end up at a small Baptist university I would…show more content…
To be fair my parents did give me fairly loose reigns in high school but the ability to choose for myself whether or not to succeed is both daunting and exhilarating. I feel confident that I will make the choice to succeed. When looking at the expectations of each individual professor I was actually a little underwhelmed. I was honestly surprised at how little the professors asked of us. When I looked at my combined workload from all my classes this semester I understood why college could be so difficult. Although individually the professors don’t ask the world of you, the number of classes you have makes the amount of work you do increase considerably. I feel that I will have to put in more work than I had to in high school. I also feel confident in my ability to do
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