Transition Into High School Research Paper

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Finally, you have reached the point in your life where you transition into high school. This is where puberty hits, drama ignites, and classes actually require you to think. It is also a time for Friday night football games and of course the most magical time of the year, prom. High school has a lot of great opportunities to take advantage of, but if not handled with great care, it can create the worst four years of your life. Some are known to refer to high school as their four year sentence in purgatory, I hope your experience is more delightful.
Let’s get one thing straight, the high school you see in movies doesn’t exist. There are no flash mobs who break out in song and it is not populated with only the hottest of guys and girls. Also,
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Being in such a vast school allows students to become caught up in the crowd. You can end up adopting a personality that is not your own just to fit in. I have learned that this is more so true for girls rather than guys. From a girl's perspective, I can honestly tell you that I have fallen victim to the incessant need of fitting it. As girls we are more inclined to judge ourselves against those around us from magazines, movies, and especially in school. Do not try stupid stunts, a.k.a the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, just so you can look like your friends. Always be happy with who you are. It is almost impossible to stay true to yourself throughout it all, eventually your strength may falter, but it will not make you less of a person. Some people feel that conforming is a choice, and that it you are fake if you change to fit in. But everyone in their lifetime has made that very choice to fit in. Almost all women wear makeup, dress nice, and want expensive items because it is just another way to conform. These are all choices we make to assimilate into the larger group. The next time you witness someone acting in their own way or wearing unusual clothing that fits their personality, just remember that they have reached the ultimate goal of being true to who they are and have conquered the superficial expectations of the high school…show more content…
Horrible things can exist during your time there, especially pimples. If tamed, well kept, and understood, high school can be amazing. Sadly though, most of you will fall prey to changing your identity in order to be liked. What matters most is your ability to realize it, and one day gain the strength to overcome it. Nobody is perfect and neither is high school, but high school truly does have many great things to offer and you should never be too quick to judge. I’m giving you the real truth, most students if asked would simply reply that high school “sucks”. It is ultimately up to you to decide what high school really is and until you have finally become a senior, give it the chance it
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