Transition Of Gender Dysphoria In The LGBT Community

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Gender dysphoria is the formal diagnosis for people who experience distress over their assigned physical sex and/or societal gender. People who suffer from this are colloquially called trans men (female to male) and trans women (male to female) respectively. Often, a trans person will elect to undergo medical transitioning to better align their physical body with their mind. As one can expect, transitioning is an arduous process which can include a plethora of medical treatments, such as hormone replacement therapy, mastectomy / breast augmentation, masculinization / feminization facial surgeries, hysterectomy, etc. Trans people who physically transition are said to be transsexual, due to the change of their physical sex instead of simply the change of how they present themselves. Transitioning is often seen as the pentacle of a trans person’s life, and it is a significant, political issue in the LGBT community.…show more content…
However, the opposition largely classifies gender dysphoria as a disorder that needs to be cured, like any other severe delusion. They view transitioning as the irrational mutilation of a mentally ill person, and as such, they reject trans people’s identities. Each side calls for extremity though with absolute acceptance or absolute rejection of the identities and paths that trans people choose. I, however, believe that a middle course between the two extremes would be the best road taken when it comes to treating gender
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