Transition Plan For Middle School Students

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The concept of transition plan that I knew is the preparation of middle school students to move to high school. As a Title I teacher, I was part of a group who created programs to help the middle school students transition smoothly to high school such as High School Shadow program, High School Information Night, High School Trip and other things. Upon reading the document on the Transition Planning, I was surprised with all the information that put in place to help students with disabilities transition into the adult world living and working independently. I do not have background on Special Education. I read their Individualized Education Program but I have concentrated only on the Math part and what accommodations the students need to meet his / her goal in math. For the past two years in our school, I received an email from the IEP Chairman informing us that some senior students with disabilities will be pull out from our class to attend the orientation and that they will be excused from their classes. As the master scheduler of the school, I was also asked to revise the schedule of those students to accommodate their participation in the program. Also, as one of the panelist for the Senior Validation, I noticed that my principal asked very detailed about their future plans and what agencies is working with them to prepare them for a job and other stuff. Now I understand why we have a program such as the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) come to our school to
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