Transition To College Reflection Paper

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It was only four years ago that I was transitioning from middle school to high school, and at the time, this was an enormous deal: not only did the coursework increase in difficulty, but the grades we earned counted for college. Although there were greater academic expectations and standards that we had to adjust to for high school, there were hardly any other notable changes. I still caught the city bus to school, my mom cooked dinner for our family, I continued my ath-letic pursuits, teachers shoved knowledge down my throat (some of which I regurgitated), and, perhaps the best part of it all, I hardly had to worry about anything except for taking care of business in the classroom. Now that I am attending a college more than 3,000 miles away from my home, there are many more areas in my life other than the academic grind. I was always used to someone tell-ing me what to do. In college, there is an abundance of freedom, yet nobody tells you what to do with the freedom. With a greater responsibility to take care of myself, academically, physi-cally, socially, and emotionally, the transition to college has been far more demanding com-pared to when I was only transitioning to high school. But is it really demanding? I admit that I do not have particularly strong feelings about my current transition to college, because I understand that it is my mindset that can have a huge impact on what I see as easy and challenging. Rather than seeing everything as a challenge, I
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