Transition in Early Years

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There are many issues that cause life stress to children and their families e.g. bereavement, separation /divorce, long-term illnesses. This report will employ a holistic approach, incorporating life span development, and will focus on transition within early year’s education. It will assist practitioners in supporting children and their families and will focus on the effect it has on their lives.

Report Summary
Transition within early years education is a major life event that a child and family go through together. Currently, educational transition is defined as the process of change that children make from one place or phase of education to overtime, Fabian and Dunlop (2002). Starting school is a huge step in a child’s life. For some
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Featherstone believes that it can cause worry and stress leading to aggression or withdrawal, all of which have the potential to impair learning capacity. Leavers et al (1997, pg. 15) describes children with high levels of well being as feeling “…like fish in water”, in their educational environments with the ability to maximise their learning potential. The EYFS (2006, 37-41) places PSED at the heart of all learning areas, but thrusts a more explicit emphasis on emotional well-being. Practitioners are now expected to focus on children’s emotional health more directly, enabling children to understand and manage their feelings. This emphasis extends to working with families in the Every Child Matters Framework.

Impact on Transition
Letting Go
Feelings of sadness and resistance are common as children prepare to leave a familiar setting/situation. Some may loose control, cry easily or revert to habits such as, thumb sucking. Practitioners can assist the child express their emotions by reading stories about children in similar situations. Practitioners need to acquire patience and compassion for the child and family. The separation often proves traumatic for parents in need of support and reassurance. Hamilton et al (2003, pg 16) advise practitioners to be “…patient and understanding”.

Working With Parents and professionals

Single Visits
This is an essential period for practitioners to lay the foundations for successful
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