Transitioning From A Licensed Practical Nurse

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Transitioning from a licensed practical nurse to a registered nurse I feel will be a fairly challenging task. This is due to the fact that responsibilities and expectations of a registered nurse are much higher. “Consider the many reasons for returning to school. You may think the recognition for your work and pay differential are the primary reasons. These may be considerations but you are embarking on a journey of professional development that will further your knowledge, skills, and abilities compared with just a quick fix to a distressing situation. You will be facing change.” (Kearney-Nunnery, Rose) The adjustment from being primarily a psychiatric nurse to venturing out into skilled nursing will be a challenge in itself. Some nurses…show more content…
Psychiatric nurses have to build trust, explore feelings, assist the patient to problem solve enabling then to meet psychosocial needs. Transitioning from a practical nurse to a registered nurse will build upon my already existing knowledge and expertise by developing my skills and gaining more experience. My future role as a registered nurse will involve being able to think critically and analyze issues more deeply. I also must be able to consider underlying conditions and how they relate to my patient’s status. As a registered nurse I must examine my personal qualities and analyze whether I have the mental or emotional capacity to do what is required of me. “There are some very exciting areas of nursing practice from which the LPN can choose to work. Each area is very unique as is every LPN! It is a great idea to work in many areas of nursing over time to increase your marketability.”( “Duties of LPNs and LVNs vary depending on their work setting and the state in which they work. For example, they may reinforce teaching done by registered nurses regarding how family members should care for a relative; help to deliver, care for and feed infants; collect samples for testing and do routine laboratory tests; or feed patients who need help eating.” ( As a practical nurse duties also include administering medications, educating patients on their medications and possible adverse reactions or side-effects, monitoring vital signs,
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