Transitioning From An Undergraduate Level Course

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Transitioning from an undergraduate level course to a graduate level at Kutztown University can be extremely overwhelming for many students. From enrolling in challenging courses that prompt students to over succeed in materials, to professors enforcing and enabling students to perform certain aspects and or skills can be extremely overbearing and difficult at times. Nonetheless, within each course subject the outcomes are substantial and rewarding, for each student accomplishes a new asset that will only supplement them in their future field of study. As for my personal learning experience within my first semester graduate course I believe I have not only gained a sustainable amount of information, but also a better understanding in the field of mental health counseling. In particular, from my first semester I believe my fundamentals course not only gave me a new insight within the field but also a hands on experience by encouraging and embarking me into the counseling process. In fact, before entering Kutztown University Fundamental’s graduate course with Dr. Arena I had very little experience and skills within the subject of counseling. Prior to the course I only had one undergraduate course, which looked at an introduction level to clinical psychology, and a summer job, which entitled me as a unit counselor for a Girl Scout day camp. During these two experiences I was able to gain a brief understanding of the certain
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