Transitioning From High School Life

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In the beginning I was really nervous about transitioning from high school life to college life. What everyone says is true; college is a whole different world when compared to high school. That includes the people around me, and the new responsibilities I had to take on. When I was told that I had to take a cornerstone class I was not happy that I had to pay for a class that had nothing to do with my major. Turns out this class was the most helpful class to help a freshman tune into the college life and learn more about the school and what it offers. Without this class I wouldn’t have went to any of the activities that FSW held or even know my way around the campus. The GPS assignment really helps get students involved and makes them feel more connected with the school. What I really took from this class was the lessons on time management, career planning and critical thinking. Time management became extremely crucial to me because I was juggling a job and school along with deadlines and other important dates throughout the term. It wasn’t until about a month into the term that I realized I needed to fix the way I was utilizing my time. The topic discussed building a schedule and putting the priorities first then adding in less important activities after to ensure that the priorities were met. Also, to make to do list every day so that all important events aren’t forgotten about or pushed off to the side. My biggest problem is procrastinating so I actually used
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