Transitioning The Single Parent Families

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Transitioning to parenthood can be stressful, frustrated as well as overwhelming (Anderson & Sabatelli, 2011). Usually from the child is born, the parents have to make numerous changes in their lives as well as their schedule in order to assure that their child necessary needs are always met. However, single parent families can arise due to never married parenthood, divorce or death.
Single parent families are any family that has either parent living with their children. Single parent families as seem to have become a new and rapid form of family. However, separation, desertion, divorce, death or even imprisonment may be the cause of single parent families. There are many different challenges that single parent families’ faces. This
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In addition, a healthy family also help each other as well as accepting each other for whom they are. Nevertheless, the family’s power to adapt while going through these challenges will solely depend on the ordinary and extraordinary stresses and strains it encounters and its available resources such as, family and friends (Anderson & Sabatelli, 2011). However, never married parenthood can be that the parents decided on not getting married or circumstances has caused the couples to not make a commitment by joining together in holy matrimony. However, there is also a level of increasingly stress within the never married parenthood. Furthermore, children look to their parents to supply their every needs. For example, food, clothes, loving environment where they can develop socially, emotionally as well as physically. This can be stressful for parent knowing that they cannot give their children what they need to grow in a loving and caring environment (Anderson & Sabatelli, 2011).
Like single parent families, never married parenthood can cause children to have behavioral problems. They are more than likely to be addicted to drugs and alcohol. They are also more than like to be sexually active at an early age. This opens them up to sexual transmitted diseases such as, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea and worst of all HIV/AIDS (Human
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